Agricola (ag • ree • KOH • ah): A vampire who keeps a herd. Literally, a farmer.

Appian Way: All roads lead to Rome, but this is the one most people take. Spartacus’ army were crucified en masse along here.

Arians: One of the two main Christian factions, along with the Nicenes. The Arians say that Christ was of the substance of God, but was not God. Constantius II, son of Constantine, is an Arian.

Bread and Circuses (Panem Circensesque): What you need to keep the people happy in Rome. No one ever pays to go to the Circus or the Arena — the man putting on the show foots the bill. Likewise, since the days of Caesar, the Corn Dole has guaranteed everyone a ration
of grain. Fail to supply enough grain or public entertainment, and riots ensue.

Charioteering: The main popular diversion, more popular even than Gladiators. Fans of the different factions (Blues and Greens) can get violent and dangerous on race days.

Equites: The Roman middle class.

Nicenes: One of the two main Christian factions, along with the Arians. The Nicenes believe that Jesus Christ was both wholly God and wholly human

Patrician: The Roman nobility.

Suburra: The notorious slum district of Rome, situated between the Viminal and Capitoline.

Tali: A Roman dice game, often gambled on, and popular with everyone, rich and poor.

Tarpeian Rock: The steep rocky cliff on the south side of the Capitoline Hill. In ancient times, the Romans used to throw traitors off the top of it.


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